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Why the Podcast was Created

Hunting, angling, and storytelling is what links us to our humanity; these are vital traditions that have been passed down through every generation since the creation of man. Engaging with wildlife in the outdoors has been very influential in many aspects of my life. Yes, I truly believe pursuing game has developed my character and opened my eyes to the beauty of God's creation; such appreciation would not have developed in any other manner.


I started the Painted Arrow Podcast to be an all encompassing guide to the outdoors as it pertains to life, purpose, and spirituality. I feel most alive when I am out in nature pursuing wild game. I feel personally responsible to do my part in passing on key skills, insights, and practices for future generations. 


Genesis 1:26 says: 

“Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground." 


Nate Hicks, Podcast Host

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Backcountry Elk Hunt

What does a  

Painted Arrow Symbolize?

“Painting arrows”, is a phrase I have always used when bow hunting. When you shoot an animal with your bow, finding the arrow after the shot is a crucial step. That arrow that you released, tells the whole story of what to expect going forward with the pursuit of that animal. If you have an arrow that is soaked in blood, that is usually a great sign in terms of successfully and humanely harvesting that animal. An arrow that doesn’t have a lot of blood on it often reflects a poorly placed shot.

As a serious outdoors-men, I spend hours upon hours every year in preparation. It's a never ending cycle, I am constantly getting ready for the next season: scouting the next ridge, cleaning guns, sharpening knives, shooting my bow, re-spooling reels, breaking in boots, testing new gear, and most importantly staying in excellent physical shape at all times. This type of preparation commonly takes place months before ever setting foot on the trail or climbing into that tree stand.

In bow hunting, retrieving a “Painted Arrow” is to me the sign of something much greater than a short tracking job. That to me feels cheap! To me that arrow represents hundreds of hours of commitment, perseverance, and symbolizes dedication to living out the lifestyle of an ethical sportsmen.


I have a burning passion for the outdoors and an even greater appreciation for the critters running around in it. Painting Arrows is more than a sport or hobby of mine and it is certainly more than a website name. It’s a devoted way of life.


                        Go Beyond the Pursuit!    

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