About Us

At Painted Arrow™ we believe that pursuing game in the wild completely enriches the lives of everyone involved in the process. The company was founded in 2018 with the goal of sharing the passion of the hunt with others through podcasting. In 2021, the company rebranded and shifted focus to manufacturing archery accessories. Our mission is to create affordable accessories for hunters that allow them to recover more game and relive the hunt, time and time again. Painted Arrow™ will continue to bring innovative, affordable products to the archery and hunting markets.
Who is Painted Arrow?

Nate Hicks


Nate is a Michigan native and founded Painted Arrow in 2018 by starting a podcast. Nate enjoys hunting whitetails in the mid-west where he grew up, but also loves exploring rugged wilderness the west has to offer. His favorite species to hunt is Mule Deer and enjoys predator trapping. Nate enjoys finding unique ways to grow the business and create a winning culture. Nate has a B.S. degree in Business Management and a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Devin Cole


Devin is an avid bowhunter and loves the pursuit of wildgame. He grew up in Southern Michigan where he learned the art of hunting whitetails with a bow and arrow. Devin loves learning about land management and finding new ways to create wildlife habitat on his farms. He has a passion for innovativing and creating new products. He graduated from Western Michigan University with a B.S.E. in Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Minors in both Mathmatics and General Business.

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