andy may

"As a mobile DIY Hunter, I’m always trying to minimize the footprint of the gear I take into the woods. I stopped filming years ago just because I didn’t like dealing with all the extra weight and bulk of traditional filming gear. The products Painted Arrow have changed my mind about self filming because of their attention to l reducing weight and bulk in a filming set up. Light and easy… it’s a no brainer if you’re a minimalist like me."


JP morris

"I trust Painted Arrow products to help me capture my hunts with my Phone. It wont let you down when the moment of truth presents itself.
I captured this buck in Missouri last year as he walked right under my stand following a doe."

Whitetail Edge TV

Ben Rising

"Painted Arrow products are top of the line in innovation and quality! Capturing my hunts on film and especially the kill shot is of utmost importance. These products have increased my ability to capture that moment and add a unique feel to the hunt along with my regular camera footage.. makes the viewer feel like they are holding my bow! Can’t say enough about this company."

Whitetail Addictions TV

Justin hollandsworth

"Being a longtime self-filmer I knew with the advancement’s in the video portion of a cell phone I knew it was time to make a switch. Problem was there was no great way to mount the phone. That’s until I found Painted Arrow Outdoors. After two seasons of using their magnets and fluid head I finally found my light weight mobile set up. If you’re using a cell phone to film your hunt it’s the only product on the market I would use!"

Whitetail addictions tv

Troy Pottenger

"The Painted Arrow self filming products are simply the most well constructed, easy functioning self filming camera holding devices I've ever had the privilege of using. Quiet application, rock solid attachment, and easy on and off. I give them my highest recommendation.

Mountain Whitetail Bowhunter
Whitetail Addictions TV, Lone Wolf Custom Gear."

onx hunt

Jared Larsen

"I first started using the Mag-Pro Plus from Painted Arrow a few years back due to the simplicity in which their products made filming your hunt, today I have most of their accessories from the truck mount for easy navigation to their Mag-Pro Arm, my new go to for capturing my hunts, not only to be able to relive them but also to aid in recovery by allowing me to analyze my shot after the fact. If you're looking for the easiest and most budget friendly option to capture your hunts, look no further."


Ryan Glitsky

Painted Arrow has simplified the self-filming game with a number of reliable and ease-of-use products. For the mobile hunter looking for an efficient and lightweight option for filming, Painted Arrow arguably has the best products on the market.

Next Step Outdoors

Aaron Olsen

"As a full time YouTuber, I’m frequently asked what gear I recommend for someone wanting to start filming their hunts. Without question, I always recommend starting with one of Painted Arrow’s products. You don’t need to spend $5K and add 30lbs of gear to capture your hunts. There is no easier way to share your hunts with friends and family!"

Doubled Down Outdoors TV

Ryan Tomuschat

"Over the last few seasons I have been using Painted arrow products to assist with self filming Archery hunts for my TV show and there’s a lot of things I wouldn’t have been able to capture without have having them. Extremely high quality. The Mag-Pro Arm and the Mag-Pro Plus have got to be my favorite two pieces to have in the bush!"


Justin synan

"The Mag-Pro Arm is hands down one of my favorite products I've added to my arsenal for self filming. Endless options for mounting, whether you're in a tree or a blind its got you covered. I used to ditch my gopro due to the junky products I've used in the past for mounting, but not anymore."

Bowhunter and Technician

Ryan Emerson

"Painted Arrow Mounts are some of the most innovate and useful products on the market. Their system is efficient and reliable. From experienced filmmakers looking for more camera angles, to beginners looking for inexpensive ways to film their hunts. Painted Arrow has it covered with exceptional customer service and quality products."


Dave McChesney

"Filming your hunt isn’t just for YouTube, it’s for recovering more animals. Trying to remember exactly where your arrow hit on a marginal shot or where the animal ran is not easy in the heat of the moment. Being able to mount your phone on your bow to easily record your shot is crucial in knowing if you need to let the animal sit overnight or not, or know which direction it ran. Then being able to show off your hunt afterwards is just a bonus!"


Dustin Beaver

"I have used Painted Arrow products for over a year now and have been very pleased. All these product are not only well built and designed, but built to help me be as versatile as possible in any situation. If I want to Film with my phone, filming camera, or Action camera, they have me covered. I have unlimited amount of POV Angle options, this can be very crucial for recovery, and catching that shot angle that you needed to make the perfect story to your harvest."

Domain Outdoor

Spencer Sutliff

"The MAG-PRO PLUS mount is sweet! Virtually no vibration. It took me a second to figure out how to properly have it mounted but when you do, my videos run super smooth. Very satisfied and excited to whack a deer while filming with it this year! I also got the MAG-PRO X for my father as a gift and he’s been loving being able to film his hunts with his crossbow. ”

Clayton Coyle

"Painted Arrow products have simplified self filming on a high level! Every product has been top notch and had a great use. From the Mag-Pro GP for your bow to the Mag-Pro Arm! Small and packable but highly usable! It won’t ever leave my pack! I even use it for non hunting related stuff like filming my friends wake boarding or self filming myself fishing on the boat. The uses are endless! I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!"

Katelyn Armstrong

"Painted Arrow has changed the game for filming your own hunts. I've been filming for 3 years now and with a full Painted Arrow setup, I am more confident than ever that I will improve my quality of content. The complicated process of filming my own hunts just got a lot easier."