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Magnetic Smartphone mount for Traditional bows

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Patent Pending Design

The TRAD-PRO is the first magnetic bow mounted mobile filming system of it's kind! This Patent Pending recovery tool allows traditional bow hunters to magnetically attach their smartphone to their recurve or longbow to film the moment of truth. The TRAD-PRO system comes with a durable rubber strap that allows hunters to attach the mount to the upper or lower limb of the bow; the mounting location really depends on the shooters preference of weight distribution and the desired angle of the shot. The TRAD-PRO mount was designed to give each hunter ultimate adjustability to align the shooters canting angle of the bow with the angle of the mount to achieve a level filming view. The spine of the mounting bracket comes wrapped in an adhesive rubber tubing to help prevent marring on the riser of the bow. 

This kit does come with one Painted Arrow Adhesive phone plate and is of course backed by our BEND IT, BREAK IT, SNAP IT, LIFETIME WARRANTY!

The TRAD-PRO is constructed out of 14 gauge 1008 carbon steel with a dual layer powder coat protection.

Weight: 4 oz

Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 5.5"

Mounting Slot Compatibility: Compatible with most compound bows & standard stabilizer threads (5/16”).

How strong is the magnet?

The MAG-PRO PLUS housing contains eight extremely strong N50 magnets that have been rigorously tested to ensure your phone does not fall. (See install video for more details.)

Will the magnets in the mount damage my phone?

No, the magnets we use are phone safe and do not give off high amounts of radiation to the point where it can damage your cell phone.

Is the camera footage even legit?

The quality of the footage depends heavily on the type of phone you have. The MAG-PRO PLUS was designed and tested with the newest smartphones in mind, NOT an iPhone that is 10 years old. Some things you can do to ensure the highest video quality are, properly installing the rubber shim between your mount and stabilizer, and using a firm case! (see install video for more details.)

Does this mount work with all phones?

Yes, if the plate is properly installed on the back of your phone, the Mag-Pro will accept all phone makes and models. (See install video for more details.)

Will the MAG-PRO PLUS fit on my bow?

Yes, we designed the MAG-PRO PLUS to fit on most all bows on the market. The MAG-PRO PLUS is our standard universal mount that fits on nearly any bow with a threaded stabilizer port.

Will the 8° Drop Variant Fit on my setup if I run a 10° Quick Disconnect?

Yes, the 8° drop variant was designed and tested to fit all of the mainstream quick disconnect drops on the market including: Mathews, Shrewd, Bee Stinger, and more.

Will my MagSafe Case attach directly to the MAG-PRO PLUS?

No, you should use the plate provided in our kit and place it on a hard, smooth, plastic case. We offer a phone case that works great as a designated hunting case to be used with our products.

What does Warranty cover?
Bend it, break it, snap it, you're covered! All of our products come with a full unconditional lifetime warranty.

  • TRAD-PRO magnetic smart-phone mount
  • metal smartphone mounting plate
  • stabilizer dampener



Great product, better customer service.

Jordan K.
Whitetail Deer Hunter

Very sturdy.

Stuart W.
Whitetail Hunter

Works perfect on my bow.

Phyllis Harden

Works great and easy to install.

Kenny Young

Works great.



Joslyn Stienbarger

Slow delivery but worth the wait.

Bill Jarvis

Pretty awesome

Chris Dunster

Works great if you set it up right!

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