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Painted Arrow™


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The Painted Arrow™ MAG-PRO ARM is the preferred self-filming tool for mobile hunters looking for a do it all, ultra-lightweight, cell phone mount. This durable magnetic cell phone mount is highly adjustable and is extremely adaptable to any situation. The crab claw grip spreads open 2 inches and will clamp to anything you put between its grasp. The arm has 3 pivoting joints that are tightened and loosened by a single tensioning knob located in the center of the mount to allow any angle to be captured.


Whether you're in a box blind looking for cruisers, saddle hunting deep in on a piece of public, or traveling through the vast mountains on a UTV, this product is able to provide you with a unique camera angle that you'll be able to look back on for years to come.

A Phone Plate is included in this kit!