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Painted Arrow™


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The TRAD-PRO is the first magnetic bow mounted mobile filming system of it's kind! This Patent Pending recovery tool allows traditional bow hunters to magnetically attach their smartphone to their recurve or longbow to film the moment of truth. The TRAD-PRO system comes with a durable rubber strap that allows hunters to attach the mount to the upper or lower limb of the bow; the mounting location really depends on the shooters preference of weight distribution and the desired angle of the shot. The TRAD-PRO mount was designed to give each hunter ultimate adjustability to align the shooters canting angle of the bow with the angle of the mount to achieve a level filming view. The spine of the mounting bracket comes wrapped in an adhesive rubber tubing to help prevent marring on the riser of the bow. 

This kit does come with one Painted Arrow Adhesive phone plate and is of course backed by our BEND IT, BREAK IT, SNAP IT, LIFETIME WARRANTY!