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Hybrid Filming System for Mobile Devices.

The Painted Arrow™ MAG-PRO ARM ELITE KIT is the ultimate hybrid filming solution for mobile hunters demanding an ultra-lightweight system designed specifically for your mobile device. The kit consists of a number of our existing products, as well as our newly created tree adapter, to create one elite price sensitive bundle! The MAG-PRO ARM ELITE KIT allows mobile hunters to have ultimate versatility and adjustability when in the treestand. This system specifically shines in a saddle hunting scenario where tolerances are tight and every tree seems to have a slightly different bend or curve to its trunk. All the components within this kit are available to purchase individually.

The MAG-PRO ARM ELITE KIT includes 4 different products to create one kit.

Total Weight: 32 oz.

Dimensions: Adjustable Dimensions

Mounting Compatibility: Can mount to any tree with a diameter of 20" or less.

How big of a tree with this install on?

Any tree that is 20" in diameter or less.

Will this old a full size camera?

This product was designed specifically for a mobile device but will do just fine with a smaller camcorder weighing less than 2 lbs. We do not recommend putting more than 2 lbs on this arm.

Can I buy pieces of this kit individually?

Yes, each component of this kit is sold individually.

How strong is the magnet?

The MAG-PRO HEAD housing contains eight extremely strong N50 magnets that have been rigorously tested to ensure your phone does not fall.

Will the magnets in the mount damage my phone?

No, the magnets we use are phone safe and do not give off high amounts of radiation to the point where it can damage your cell phone.

Does this mount work with all phones?

Yes, if you properly install the plate included in this kit on the back of your phone, the kit will accept all phone makes and models.

Will my MagSafe Case attach directly to the MAG-PRO HEAD?

No, you should use the plate provided in our kit and place it on a hard, smooth, plastic case. We offer a phone case that works great as a designated hunting case to be used with our products.

What does Warranty cover?
Bend it, break it, snap it, you're covered! All of our products come with a full unconditional lifetime warranty.

The MAG-PRO ARM ELITE KIT Includes one of the following:

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Great product, better customer service.

Jordan K.
Whitetail Deer Hunter

Very sturdy.

Stuart W.
Whitetail Hunter

Works perfect on my bow.

Phyllis Harden

Works great and easy to install.

Kenny Young

Works great.



Joslyn Stienbarger

Slow delivery but worth the wait.

Bill Jarvis

Pretty awesome

Chris Dunster

Works great if you set it up right!

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